Women’s “Ladies ‘ happiness”

About the lies written hundreds of books. All the works and artistic, and scientific lie is always bad. However, many authors say that sometimes, in special cases, a person can lie, but this lie must be extremely rare and only “salvation”.

Adults often upset and concerned that they lie to their own children. “As it is. – outraged mother of seven firstlogo boys. – Lie to me he decided! Still too young to be a mother to deceive, our family is all true, no one never told a lie. And here that every step – and a lie. How many times have I told him that parents have about their child to know everything, but this dunce me and doesn’t want to listen. Ask: “Where are you going, with whom will you walk?”, and he answered: “I, the mother, the yard will Kolka neighbor’s to play. After an hour at home already appears as a bayonet”. I think all of it was, as I painted it? Nothing of the sort! Ran until late in the evening all the nooks and crannies looking for bad boy and forgot it that day and have never seen! Decided shows son her mother’s iron nerves. “I am,” he said, ” mom, not to upset you wanted. Why you shouldn’t worry. I’m not going anywhere, night still comes back. But with nick I’m not interested in boring it, but Sanja is very funny, with him in any stories you get. One time we even the police wanted to detain, but we ran on time”. “No, what I’m going to hear that? I’m the mother! Therefore strictly prohibited to meet with Sasha. So even with his parents talked to their feet son in our yard was not. Only, you know, something tells me that none of my efforts are lost. More and more began to move away from my son. Lying more and more, making up different stories. Teach you how to make between me and the child has been understanding and trust”.

Not true and we

Each of us is lying five times a day, sometimes big, and sometimes just “the little things”. It is proven that men lie more often than women in the half. Children lying in exactly the same purposes as we adults. It is believed that lie only weak people, but those who by the spirit is strong, te, de, entirely truthful. Actually it is not so. Basically children with parents insincere in cases where trying to protect themselves from punishment. For example, imagine the situation if all the participants were truthful. Mom comes home and sees the room is a terrible mess. Naturally, she immediately asks to the child about why absolute Bedlam. True the child should say that he didn’t want to remove it, as still knows mom will come home from work and clean up instead of him, and he’s much more important to play first-person shooter games or watch funny adult film at the time, while she’s not home. Of course, the child is unlikely to tell you, so he will try to make excuses and say that they simply forgot, not done, etc.

The lies and fantasies

How do you know your child is incorrigible liar or he’s just a dreamer and he has a great imagination? The children’s writer Nikolay Nosov has a wonderful story called “the Dreamers”. Sometime at your leisure be sure to re-read it, because you’ll be able to determine how to distinguish the child with a rich imagination from the liar. Writing some fiction child-fibber does no harm to others. On the contrary, he cheers. But a liar is not very concerned about the peace of mind of their loved ones, and can discredit the person that the latter often then not long can “wash” and to prove that he is “not a camel”. However, “flight of fancy” the child also needs to be able to restrain and bring him back to reality. So, for example, five-year-old boy was told that he was away from the evil Indians living in South America. After dad said that it wasn’t true and he made it all up, young man, sincere looking parent in the eye and said, “Well, think of it, was not, but soon I will go there. True, daddy?”

How to teach your child to be truthful?

Start with yourself, dear parents. If you need the true heir, and themselves in their own child will never lie. Even when you’re forced circumstances. The child must have their secrets. So don’t force him to tell the truth when he openly declares that he does not want to share with you some secret. This still does not work. Most likely, “under pressure,” the child will give you a portion of lies, you begged.

If you are concerned about wild imagination of their own offspring, then point her in the right direction. Tell stories with him tales and stories. So, giving unloved child milk, don’t lie that it was “like lemonade”. Your baby, even if still quite small, will soon be able to catch you in a lie, so you quickly follow in the footsteps of its parent. Older children already lying with a clearly defined purpose not in vain adolescents compared with politicians-professionals. Because they can speak the truth, knowing what is expected of them relatives and friends. The consequences of their lies is also not particularly worried, because teenagers believe that they can easily get away from punishment with the new lie. Therefore, with the generation “next” dear adults “ear need to keep your eyes open,” and not miss a moment of distancing you from your own child. Only trusting relationship can make your maturing offspring truthful with you.

Learn not to physically punish their children, as you would not like. It is possible that in life there are cases when this needs to be done, but they are very rare, but we sometimes beat their children for the broken Cup, torn suit, stained jeans. That is something that can happen to anyone. Imagine that your child was you. For example, fell by rushing to the bus. Glasses broken, broken knee, and the skirt is hopelessly flawed. After such tests, arriving at work, you’ll receive a slap from his boss, who says: “You, Ivanova, always in trouble! What you look like. What happened again? “So how did you find this turn of events? Of course, you will begin to lie and Dodge, not to aggravate the situation further. About this scenario live and our children. In order to avoid punishment, they often lie. Yes, of course, lying is often the result of insecurity in their capabilities and abilities, so make it senseless in your relationship with the child, and then he will cease to lie to you forever!

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