Why parents need to read

Although God is love, but in this commandment He says reverently. Respect – this is the highest form of love. You can love, but not to read, but there is no respect without love. Deference involves a deep respect and reverential gratitude. True reverence implies an appeal to “you”, it does not allow you to hurt people, raise your voice, especially raising your hand.

The opposite of respect is familiarity. Familiarity – it is sin that occurs at every step. When a person behaves with parents, leaders, managers familiarly, cheeky, arrogant, he loses grace. “Like the precious oil upon the head, flowing down on the beard, the beard Aaronic flowing on the border of his garment”, Psalm 132:2 . Firs flowing from the head, so when we put the parents on the same level or even below it are losing a great many of the blessings that could only be obtained through the chain of command.

God – Creator of the universe. Father, mother – creators of our lives. God gave them this status. God has entrusted to us, namely our parents, so they need to be as reverent, reverent, sacred, as God. If a person honors his parents, he will honor God. If people don’t honor their parents – he does not honor God. Because only demons and evil spirits can push your son or daughter to the feeling of superiority over the mother, the father, to the contemptuous attitude, arrogance or indifference. The attitude of the parents – it’s a type of our relationship to God.

Often we won’t understand their parents: “Parents have said, did or didn’t do. I was brought up by the street, not the parents. Dad – an alcoholic or did not have a father.” It is possible that parental opinion is contrary to our mentality, life principles, does not correspond to our understanding of the situation. It is possible that parents that were really not right. God himself will open the flaws, the mistakes, the flaws of the parents. And this is a must see trust from God! God trusts to see the “nakedness” of the parent (pastor, leader)! This means that God will think you are old enough, Mature Christian, decided to move to a higher level!

The weakness of the father, mother, leader – it’s not an excuse for ridicule, gossip, contemptuous attitude. This is not a reason to leave father, mother, to hurt them with his indifference, rejection of parental authority. It is, instead, the time to prove sons loyalty, to support, to be noble, true, and consumer love and reverence.

Humiliating parents, a man humbles himself, but by covering them, it rises

Even if you really hurt, not help, quit, hated, or hate – you have no right to retaliate! No excuse the irreverence!

The truth is stranger than facts and our truth! And truth cries out: “Honor your father and mother! “Only when we love the truth, adhere to it, in our life comes growth, prosperity and success. The truth raises, gives longevity and good gifts.

Example: we know that the baby is associated with the mother by the umbilical cord. It grows, develops, lives, thanks to the umbilical cord, but if not, the child dies. The umbilical cord – it is a symbol of close, respectful relationships. When we honor their parents, we will have life success, growth, prosperity! But if you don’t show respect, don’t have deep gratitude in the heart – themselves, with their hands severed the umbilical cord of a happy, successful, healthy life, are signing your own death certificate, chop off the branch on which you sit.

Let’s look at the baby! He is absolutely helpless, do not understand what is happening, his life completely in the hands of parents. He talks about who is stronger, smarter, better parents for him the source of all! And we were such babies! Let’s not forget it ever! Our children will treat us as we treat our parents.

Irresponsibility to parents, disobedience, disregard, indifference leads to death, the complexity of business, lack of happiness (even if the person earns a lot of money), the loss of the future, frustration, inability to find a vocation or execute it. Many people wander through life, do not linger too long at work – it’s all a symptom of the curse because of disrespect of parents. If the interrupted communication with parents, individual life pursuing infertility, the inability to marry or to marry, to have children, permanent stains.

Conclusion: even if the parents hate you, let them. God will judge them. But you have to love, to bless, to prove their respect for parents.

“If you since the childhood had not learned to look into the eyes of the mother and to see them anxious or calm, peace or turmoil, you will forever morally ignorant. Moral ignorance, and savagery in love, brings people a lot of grief and society – the harm”, V. A. Sukhomlinsky.

The irreverence leads to the death of not only children but also parents: Showing irreverence to parents, people atreet from their source of life energy.

While the child is small, parents give him all the power, time, energy, and following the spiritual law, that energy must come back to them when they are already weakened. This exchange of energy is a closed cycle life support, but his irreverence to the parents of the man interrupts him.

When children are arrogantly to the parents, share the love, not honoring the dead – block oxygen access to the source of energy, and they die very early (to an average of 60-65 years).

His reverence or irreverence we affect the whole family, descendants of, the country.

Because of disrespect of parents, in the first place, the very first “parent” – God, no transmission of energy of love, cooperation is lost, the relationship, the continuity of generations. Implications – early death of parents. The next generation repeat the mistakes of disrespect. The consequence is the same – death. The circle is closed. Thus, there is the extinction of the whole family, the whole nation.

Example: Young children die from cancer and other serious “adult” diseases. Children bear the punishment “earned” their parents, grandparents, a wrong attitude to God, to their parents.

“Ungrateful son worse stranger: it’s criminal, for the son has no right to be indifferent to his mother”, by guy de Maupassant.

How do we return to the parents? Taking care of your parents . providing them with financial, making useful, practical gifts, helping them in treatment or sanatorium stay, providing simple, basic courtesies. For example, bringing the mom of a beautiful rose or everyday asking for advice from an old father.

Care of parents, even if they are quite rich and affluent, is a vital necessity of every son, daughter. Even if the relationship is destroyed, parted ways, never to late to start over, restore a relationship of respect, love and reverence. It’s never too late to put on a solid Foundation, which is Christ. This is necessary in order to free themselves and the subsequent birth of the curse. With God everything is possible!

Piety – this is the tribute that can and must be grateful to my parents every son.

“From our parents we got the greatest and priceless gift – life. They nursed and nurtured us, sparing neither strength nor love. And now that they are old and sick, it is our duty to cure and extend them to cover the care, love, gratitude and reverence!”

For more in-depth study of this topic, I recommend reading the following books:

“Grateful heart”, “Testwuide people” – author Sunday Adelaja, “Respect — the path to greatness” – the authors of the Sunday Adelaja, Olga Bykova.

With the greatest respect to you,

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