What to do with baby summer children’s classes

With the arrival of summer, many parents are starting to think, a place to put their child to have spent this time of year interesting and useful. In accordance with the opinion of psychologists, children during the summer should be constantly busy with something. Because idleness is a real threat to the health and mental condition of the child. Of course, in this matter and rely on how much your child years.


Deciding what to do with the child during the summer, don’t forget about simple summer walks, the more, the better. By the way, they can be themed. The main thing that they involved the whole family, this way you will be able to establish relationships.

Walk with the baby every day

If your child is very young, just beginning to explore the world, then you can go together to the Park, where the girls will love to collect flowers. Let, even if it will be simple dandelions. But the boys are going to see a lot of representatives of the insect world. Of course, you should pay attention to the interests of the child. Walking in the Park, you should not forget to explain that there are flowers that cannot be cut and those that grow by themselves. Last can gather together for the bouquet home.

After the Park you can go to the Playground where the child will spend time in a circle of their peers. It will help him quickly learn the skills of socialization, to be exact – where his toys are, and where others.


If the child does not want summer to attend kindergarten, frequent walks with him to the Playground, you will be able to show him how interesting and fun to spend time with other kids. And after a while he’ll get that much more interesting to interact with their peers, to play the machines, run or jump into the classics, rather than spending that time at home.

On the Playground

To draw with crayons will also be useful so you can explore new animals, and older kids can learn letters and numbers.

Children of school age who will stay home for the summer holidays, you may find yourself unpleasant adventure, to be involved with the same friends “sufferers” in adventures that can go very badly. If your child will be spending the summer in the city, should thoroughly prepare for his summer vacation. If you entertain the child can only ride in the city with the whole family, you should not neglect it. For example, you can go to the local Botanical garden with the whole family, where you will spend time not only fun, but also useful.

Botanical garden


If you have the opportunity to send the child to the grandmother in village, this is a good option. So our grannies know exactly how to follow the mood and health of the grandchildren.

At the age of 15 and 18 will be useful to go with the whole family on a trip, so you will be able to restore good relations with the offspring, to find out what your child lives.

With a younger child go to sea. I can be there just to spend time with benefits. If going to sea with the whole family in mind the financial problems you can not, you should tighten the bands to send your child to a summer camp. In accordance with the opinion of psychologists, all children aged 8–14 years, every year to spend time away from their parents, it helps them to develop independence, communication with peers.

In the camp

Collecting child to camp, parents should worry about that it was configured correctly in psychological terms. You need to explain to the child that he goes there not because you desire him to relax and to improve your health and get to know new people. You can puzzle him for some purpose, for example, in the camp he needs to learn to swim, to get acquainted with the guys to catch up physically.

If the child is fond of studying foreign languages, you can send it to a language summer school, which every summer attracts people from other cultures.

Please note! Too much to overload the classes of the child is not necessary, because the summer – a time for rest, your child, as an adult, need a complete rest.

Of course, the holiday camp will not last 3 months. Wherefore, upon returning home, they will need to find interesting.

New beginnings

Mini vegetable garden

A great option is to find a hobby, if that is still the child has. For example, girls love to dance, and the boys quite well.

If you have a cottage, then you can offer your child to have his own mini-garden, where he will cultivate their plants. Perhaps his vegetable garden even faster will bear fruit than yours. Of course, assist in the cultivation of plants, because without proper experience and knowledge for this task the child may seem a daunting and will not bring proper pleasure.

For kids of 4–7 years to come up with an exciting lesson on the creation of fakes. To start is to gather up the materials, it can be pine cones, acorns, leaves. And after one of them with the help of clay or glue to make fun of animals or other figures.

Please note! At the cottage in the form of games you can teach your child to count, making it, for example, while collecting apples or flowers in the country.

At the cottage

Please note! If you and I have been meaning to have a pet, the summer – this is the best time. The child can withdraw the dog for a walk, watch out for your pet and have fun. Thus, he will become more responsible and independent.

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