Tips for parents

Symphony of life.

Life is like a Symphony, and we each instrument playing its own unique role in this wonderful piece of music. No tool can play a melody written for the other. Each is important and necessary to achieve harmony.

If we? As tools, we are playing our tune, we do not agree with other tools, we create disharmony impede the harmonious fulfillment of worldly Symphony. If the instrument loses the notes on which to play, and forgets that he has to do it, then most likely he will be to play along with others.

But this game will be its unique party. He will not find true happiness and joy, singing parts written for other. If the instrument is upset, then any party he euphonic to do you can. The tool you need to do to set up for their party. Do you know your party? Do you keep her? Not whether you sing off-key?

Bird on branch.

Once tired, the bird landed on a branch. She enjoyed his safety and opened to her view. She sang and played with other birds. But before she could get used to this branch, to reliable support underfoot and security, as a strong wind blew and began to shake the branch from side to side with such force. That it seemed she might break. But the bird didn’t care because I knew two important truths. First, even if the branches and never will be, she will be able to fly two private wing will ensure her safety. Secondly, around the many other branches, which she can find temporary shelter.

Story farewell.

In a Persian story tells the traveler, who with great difficulty walked, it seemed. On the endless road. He was bedecked with all sorts of Heavy items the bag of sand hanging on his back, torso coiled around a thick skin with water, and in his hands he carried on a stone. Around the neck on an old frayed rope dangled an old millstone. Rusty chain, for which he dragged on the dusty road heavy weights, wrapped tight around his legs. On his head, balancing, he kept half rotten pumpkin. With groans he advanced step by step forward, jingling chains, lamenting their bitter fate and complaining of painful fatigue.

In the scorching midday heat, he met a peasant. “Oh, weary traveler, why are you loaded yourself with these rocks?” he asked. “Really stupid, the traveler replied, but I still haven’t noticed.” So saying, he threw away the stones and immediately felt relief. Soon he met another farmer: “Tell me, weary traveler, why do you torment yourself with rotten pumpkin on your head and carry on the chain such heavy iron weights?” he wanted to know. “I am very glad you brought this to my attention, I didn’t know that bother it.”. Throwing off his chains, he threw a pumpkin into the gutter so that it fell apart. And again felt relieved. A farmer returning from the fields, looked at the traveler, “Oh weary traveler, why are you talking behind the sand bags, when, look, it’s so far a lot of sand. And why do you have such a big bag of water, because next to you flowing clean river that will continue to accompany you on the way!”. – “Thank you. good man, only now I noticed that I was dragging along on the way.” With these words, the stranger opened the jar, and rotten water spilled on the sand. Lost in thought, he stood and looked at the setting sun, the Last rays of the sun sent his enlightenment: he suddenly saw a heavy millstone around his neck and realized that he was hunched over. The stranger untied the millstone and threw it into the river as far as I could. Free obretenova his weights he continued on his way.

To maintain the child’s normal self-important:

definitely take it; actively listening;

to happen (to read, to play, to do together); not to interfere in his classes, which he is doing; to assist, when requested; to maintain;

to share their feelings (trust); to constructively resolve conflicts;

use in every day conversation friendly phrases, such as “I feel good with you”, “I’m glad to see you”, “I like the way you. “, “Good that you came”, “let’s sit (do something)”,” you have there”;

hug at least four, and preferably eight times a day.

The advice of the pediatrician

(for parents of first-graders).:

Admission to the school is a huge event in the life of a child and his parents. With the beginning of school life is undergoing great changes in psycho-emotional sphere of the child, change motivation, formed a style of behavior and habits change authority. Much more physical and mental stress.

Change the usual mode of the day, phases of work and relaxation. Shortened sleep time. The load is increased on all analyzers: visual, auditory, etc. your baby’s health requires special attention.

Somatic diseases.

Let us consider the most frequent diseases of first graders.


The main causes of the disease: fatigue, stress, reduced sleep duration, etc. are Some practical tips that will help ease the child’s condition, regardless of the cause of pain.


1 lemon with peel to pull off in a meat grinder and pour a little warm boiled water ( 1 lemon 1 liter of water). To insist during the day. Give one tablespoon three times a day after meals.


A means for stabilizing the autonomic and Central nervous system: 1 teaspoon of peppermint (leaves). teaspoon oregano (leaf), 1 teaspoon of motherwort (leaves). a teaspoon of Valerian (root), all brewed with boiling water (? liters) for 30 minutes. Give 1 tablespoon at bedtime.

Useful influence on biologically active points. For starters, it helps to RUB the tips of the fingers of whiskey in a clockwise direction.


Causes of colds younger students, as a rule, are hypothermia, increased crowding of children in school.

For prevention of colds in school is useful hardening (water treatments, walking, air baths, etc.). in addition, we can recommend the following recipe:

1 teaspoon St. John’s wort (flowers and leaves). teaspoon burdock root 1 teaspoon chamomile—pharmacy (flowers), 1 teaspoon of elecampane, all mix, pour. liters of boiling water. Give 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals during the autumn-winter period and the announcement period of epidemics.

Easily learn to work on for improving immunity.

The depression between the first and second fingers of the hand – working a match by turning it clockwise within 1-2 minutes (on both hands).

The point of connection of the nasolabial fold and the wing of the nose – influence a match in a clockwise direction within 1-2 minutes (both sides)

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