Therapy – a new method of raising children

The therapy is becoming increasingly popular methods of influence on the younger generation. The tale will help to overcome shyness and whims of the child. After reading the tale, he will learn to distinguish good from bad, learning to empathize and to seek justice.

For centuries among our parents argued: without belt child not to educate. Such “soldier” methods became really popular, and even today, in an intellectually advanced society, common among many parents. But, abroad for many years, promote the upbringing of children without the use of physical or moral pressure. Now this trend is becoming popular among our parents.

The tale is a language that the child understands

The therapy is, by saying “scientific” attempt to objectify the problem situation, or in other words – this good fairy-tale upbringing in an atmosphere where dreams become reality, where there is anticipation of a miracle, justice and kindness in the world. This helps the child to overcome your fears, and most importantly – gives the child a sense of confidence and security.

Of all the practices of pedagogy perhaps the most interesting method of raising a child can be called a fairy . When the teacher shows the child the connection between the fairy tale scenario and the behavior of people in real life. The child, taking the example of favorite characters, identify with them and, finally, concludes that the right thing to do.

The tale can be an excellent tool for the teacher, the psychologist, and parents. With its help it is easier to find a common language with the child. Adults this is necessary, because they often can’t understand their children.

– The fairytale therapy read in a magazine for mother and child. At first underestimated this method, but later realized that he is actually effective in addition to interesting for your child, shares his experience of mother three-year Dima Elena. – His point is that when a child wants something to do, or doing incorrectly, not to criticize, not to force her, and especially not to use force, and make up a story in which the hero is very similar to your baby and ended up in a similar situation, from which, taking the right decision.

A child will put themselves in the place of the hero in the future to try to emulate his actions. For example, my son was very shy, and so was not greeted by the shop assistant. She raised him, even mocked, but it didn’t work. So I came up with the tale that our cat has a friend Bunny, and so they went together to the store and so well greeted by the saleswoman that she gave them a delicious candy.

Upon hearing this tale, my Dima immediately concluded and said that now, as the cat with the Bunny, it will be good to greet. The best thing is that the child decides. At first it seems that to invent tales, but little addicted to this game and tales come to mind with ease, one after another. And does not need to come up with something special. Simple morality tales are very fond of the child, as he sees an analogy with your life.

A tale for all ages

The biggest advantage of the tale is that it has no age restrictions. Proven to read fairy tales is necessary even when the baby is in the womb.

Educators believe that the tales have a positive effect on a child at any age. The only thing they should be tailored to children’s level of development, that is, if the child is small, the plot should not be too difficult. In older age tales become parables that also have a life line that teach morals. Children’s identity is not fully formed until the age of 12-14, before the child knows how to act, so you need to give and to do it carefully so as not to cause resistance.

The tale is an essential tool for the education of the child. She not only develops the imagination, thinking, and reproduces patterns of life – scenarios, of which the child may adopt forms of behaviour, to distinguish between right and wrong. Tales you just read is how to explain in language understandable to the child how to act in a given situation. So the kids are so fond of folklore.

Another way of communicating with the tale is more complicated, it is called “therapy” is when the child already has some psychological problem. Usually it is the lack of social experience. Folklore helps to cure the soul, shaping the consciousness and self-consciousness, after all, a small child doesn’t even know how to think.

Often parents do not understand how to help the child, believe that to write stories with such purpose. However, there are specialists, psychologists, practitioners, school psychologists, if you refer to them, they will help and advise you on how to deal with the baby, how to be a cautionary tale.

Probably, many parents do not believe that this liberal method, as the therapy . it is possible to raise children. However, it is possible, although it requires effort, wasting time. However, this is ideal to create a harmonious baby, teach him to make decisions independently. Having such moral training, the child will be easier to manage in society, in kindergarten and school. Remember that many world famous storytellers wrote their masterpieces at first for their own children.

Exercise with the tale

To get restless children to perform something planned rather difficult. Perhaps the most difficult problem is to teach them to do morning exercises. Finally, many parents do not particularly attend to. Therefore, the entire burden of physical education usually falls on the shoulders of teachers and preschool teachers.

In Junior high in gym class with the students of Junior school it is extremely difficult to do, they are restless, constantly dabble, so to teach them to perform a particular exercise, the teacher has to come up with different stories, tales, songs and poems that accompany the exercises.

According to teachers themselves, if you come up with such “sports folklore”, the child goes to class with great enthusiasm, during physical education, he is in good mood, he is satisfied. But there is one condition: that the children liked, requires frequent change of exercises, a variety of interesting stories that the teacher can think of approaching the lesson creatively.

How to create a therapeutic tale

1. You must choose the hero of the tale, which would be close to the child by age, sex and nature. It is desirable that even his name was similar.

2. Events and situations in the story should remind the child of his own life and his own problems

3. In the tale you want to play back a situation that was related to the real, in the moment your child is experiencing.

4. The hero of the tale must find ways and solutions that show the situation from different perspectives, and to choose the right one.

5. At the end of the tale to conclude, engaging in this process of the child.

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