The Right to communicate with the child

I will not describe the entire situation just want to know please tell me I want to sue the ex-husband to set up a schedule for communication with the child. What rights, and what rights I have, if he violates the schedule set by the court. And do you need any help from psychologists that after talking with his son, the child does not behave properly! Because rearing practices father really harm not only the psyche but the health of my son. Thanks in advance!!

The lawsuit is called “determination of the procedure of communication with the child”. But before something to formulate, apply visit to your guardianship. Usually there are quite sane ladies – the Council will always help.

Hello, I have a very difficult situation! I married a guy who has a daughter from a civil marriage. The girl like him as two drops of water. Her mother likes to drink, take a walk, often left her home alone to go somewhere with your “friends”. Lived in constant scandal, because she didn’t care about anyone but themselves. The girl grew very smart for her age, and her mother immediately took a dislike to the daughter, to the extent that would not allow her to take any sweets, which brought yourself, instead of buy something for the baby. She still wants to walk, but about the fact that she has a daughter, doesn’t remember. The guy with the parents of their business, and she was almost broke before I met him. Eventually they parted, she went to her mother to Ukraine and on the evil that took her daughter. It was almost a year ago. Now the girl is 5 years old, lives with grandmother in the Ukraine. Next year she is going to school, and we are afraid that no one leads (they are very poor). Please help. What can be done to the girl was with us.

You just have to go and collect. And let judged until you’re blue.

Go to the Registrar, pay 50 roubles of the state duty and get “duplicate instead of the lost”, that’s all.

Tell me, what should be my action in the following situation.

Divorced in January 2008. Child (5 years old) stayed with my wife. In 2007, there have been many scandals, family quarrels, including calling the police (applications, none of the parties did not write). His addiction to alcohol and debauchery have left – has only gotten worse, not working.


Good day! My husband and I divorced. There is a judgment about the meeting between father and son on the weekends. The last meeting brought the child to tears, as her father insisted on going to the zoo, and the child is not wanted. In addition, the brother of former spouse the entire incident was filmed on camera. I was forced to suspend the meeting, the child had a tantrum for half an hour. Now the son was sent to a rest in Sochi. So the ex-husband is threatening bailiffs and fines. Whether the child has the right to rest and has the right of a bailiff to fine me? Can I deprive a former spouse of parental rights? Help please, he has us cornered. He goes to the police writes to us statements that the child beaten.

Take the child to a therapist, and let that give out the conclusion of that meeting father is detrimental to his mental health. And then try in court to change the order of communication between father and child.


Good day. I have this situation, there is a child (1.5 years), with his wife divorced, paying child support regularly, but his wife allowed to see the child once a month and then when the child support will go to her account, on another occasion, when asked to see his son, said that not paying, then there is a kind of blackmail. Can I voluntarily to reverse paternity, will I have to pay child support after that, and whether you want the child to have the opportunity of an inheritance on my line?

Sergey! Don’t bother! “To opt out of fatherhood”. Some nonsense. You must submit to the court determination of the procedure and method of communication with the child. And, I assure You, will award half of all holidays and weekends. If you do not give the child with the bailiff to take.

Better yet, propose the following: when You child will once again give take a walk (after paying regular child support), to take him quite to himself, and let this S. su. crazy lady herself running around the courts and asks for his half of the weekend.

The husband appealed to the tutorship and guardianship agencies to establish the order of communication with the child. Pays alimony, but child 9 months not interested in how she knew I was married, I decided to take my son. My child is often sick, 3 times lay with him in the hospital with pneumonia and bronchitis after their meeting with his father. The child’s father tells him that I am. (mats), after which the son calls me names and swings at me. Tell me, is it possible with this to make the meeting with the child took place in my presence. Son 3.5 years. If not why not?

He is the father and has the right to communicate with their child. It objectively. I had a similar case in practice. The court awarded the father the right to take the child every second weekend and half school holidays.

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