The Impact of computer games on children

Any child in a family where there are phones, tablets, smartphones and computers, begins quite early interested in. How do you determine where is the line between a healthy interest and dependence on gadgets. It’s easy to understand after watching child’s behavior and answering such questions.

How much time the child plays computer games? If more hours a day – it is worth considering.

If your child can enjoy games without a computer or tablet?

How easy it is to distract the child from the computer, calling him to eat, play or sleep?

Does the child draw on the paper, read books or listen to my mother’s reading or all this prefers the computer?

If your child can spend one or several days, never looking at the computer?

Based on honest answers to these questions, each parent can understand how the impact of computer games on children a lot in their case.

The causes are dependent on gadgets

Many parents, worrying about what a strong influence of computer games can have a detrimental effect on the child, you forget that often provoke the emergence of dependence. It is therefore important to understand why children start actively interested in the computer or a tablet and forget about other games.

The main causes of increased interest in gadgets are the following.

Often moms are turning to tablet when you need to feed or sit on the potty restless baby or to facilitate the time spent in transport, queues, etc. For the rare cases it’s the only way (for example, a long trip), but the daily abuse forms a stable habit.

In many families encouraged an increased interest of the child to all kinds of buttons. The kid quickly realizes how to turn on/off the device, and parents falsely perceive it as a sign of early development, more and more letting the child play with the gadget. Furthermore, adults only gratify their ambition, not thinking about child development.

Fearing violent games, parents redirect the child’s interest in a more peaceful and educational toys. While dads and moms forget to adjust the time for such entertainment. The influence of computer games on the child’s mind is somewhat reduced, however, the dependence of the gadget is still being formed. Much more useful would be to replace training on the computer drawing or a walk.

Often the computer is used as a reward for good behaviour or work, which can also create a dependence. The child sees the video game as their inalienable right and refuses to replace it or reduce the time spent on the PC.

How to benefit from computer games?

And can it be use? Turns out, Yes! Do not think that the influence of computer games on people exclusively negative. Not at all, properly dosed time and well-chosen games will help your child to train memory, develop motor skills and attention, to consolidate new knowledge, to learn social skills, etc. Any parent able to turn your gadget into a helper and friend to the child and to minimize the negative impact.

Among the abundance of children’s games, you can choose those that match the age and development of the child.

About 2 years you can learn to use a computer mouse, which will contribute to the development of motor skills. At the same age would be useful for the game to distinguish colors and shapes, simple steps in one click (for example, to collect scattered through the meadow apples, mushrooms).

In 3 years useful will be the game in which you need to find and drag objects.

For 4 years it is possible to introduce a kid to the game in which the protagonist goes in search of various things, treasure and performs basic tasks.

6 years old kid like graphics and photo editors for children, where they can draw, create cards for the holidays. Also, useful are applications where you can build and simulate.

Don’t forget that the children all follow the example of their parents, therefore, to interest the child a useful game, you need to play it with him. In addition, it is not necessary in front of the kid to play the game, a passion which will not bring him any benefit.

How to prevent computer addiction?

Once the child begins to show interest in the computer, tablet or smartphone, parents need to establish clear rules, the constant observance of which will enable the child to form an adequate understanding about the use of gadgets.

In the first place secure in the consciousness of the child that the use of all appliances need only with parental permission, be it TV, computer or tablet.

At any age the child should know exactly how much time a day he can spend on the PC or the tablet. It should be a rule that is not discussed.

It is best to buy your child a special child a tablet or laptop where you have installed the necessary games according to age and there is nothing superfluous.

For alternatives to gadget the child must be the required number of other toys, books, art sets for active play.

If your little child is interested in something other than a computer, do not cease to offer him a new joint games and entertainment. Sooner or later you will choose him a game to your liking.

What is the impact of violent games on the child?

This is one of the most pressing issues of concern to many parents. The influence of computer games on adolescents, who often play in a very evil and cruel “shooting”, not yet fully understood.

It is considered that the danger is not so much the apps themselves, as the blurring of lines between the virtual and the real world, when a child begins to show the cruelty of the outside of the computer screen. But above all, do not forget that a large role in shaping the character of a child is the environment and atmosphere of the family in which he grows up.

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