The effects of divorce on children.

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What we must remember divorced woman?

Do not sacrifice themselves to the child

No matter how dear to you baby, he is a separate being. To live with the feeling that you sacrifice themselves, is unacceptable. First, it greatly diminishes you as a person. And the child is important to grow next to an interesting person, whom he could respect and who would be proud of.

Secondly, in the sacrifice of the mother is always present some unconscious deceit: it implies “cost” of the child. In response to your sacrifices, your parent “service” it requires flawless obedience and following your will and vitally important issues, and in the details. It is fraught or explosion in adolescence or conflict around the upcoming marriage of a child, or deformity of his person, the lack of ability to strong-willed decisions.

Children “sacrificial” mothers and grow infantile, unable to create families of their own. It is unlikely you dream of such a fate for her darling baby.

So try as far as possible to live a full life, to please myself and others. Try to be realized in the profession, a hobby. It is important for the happy existence with your family.

Grandma needs to perform the role of the grandmother, not the father of the family

Don’t let my own mother take the place of the child’s father or family head. This place should belong to you – at least as long until you decide to share this role with another man.

Grandma should be reserved strictly defined, specifically “am”. If you for some reason it does not work, there is reason to think about their own immaturity. In the end, you too is a product of cultural-historical situation.

Look for opportunities to compensate the child for the lack of male influence in the family

The absence of the father in the family, of course, affects the development of the boy and girl. In particular, creates problems of sexual identification and learning of sex-role norms. In order to dilute exclusively female influence on the kid, look for opportunities in which the child will encounter examples of male behavior. This may be joint trips with other families. In extreme situations of tourist life specifically male behavior usually manifests itself very clearly.

Write down the child in the circle who is a teacher is a man. Finally (the most natural decision), your family, brother, father, husband; sister, uncle, ‘ can take an active part in the baby’s life.


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