The education of the child in a single-parent family

The education of the child in a single-parent family requires a special approach. The vast majority of these families are without fathers, so-called “maternal family”, although in recent years began to occur such families, where there is no mother. To a huge regret, the number of single-parent families is growing a lot of progression. Most of these families are formed as a result of divorce, Pope m mom, the emergence of nebracnyj children, the death of a parent. In the latter case, the child with the death of, say, the Pope remains a memory. About him often say older, usually idealized, view photos. And a child, growing up without a dad, constantly feels as though his presence. Moreover, if the family grow and the older children.

Another thing, when my parents divorced. Here take effect pejorative characteristics of the parent, whether mom or dad. In the family, if you recall, always in a negative color. And the child develops a complex. If it’s a girl, it gets used in each of the male gender to only see the negative. Subconsciously her childhood produced such quality as the rejection of men. If it’s a boy, then it may affect low self-esteem, they say, I had a bad father, then, and I’m the same. Very serious child feels the absence of his father, when he comes to him on the weekends, gives gifts, and participates in the education. Everything seems to be fine. Yes but in this case the child suffers from the absence of the Pope even more. He with jealousy relates to a new family is experiencing moments of parting.

When the parents divorce when the child remains with the mother, she just assumes all the complexity of the education. She sometimes doesn’t know how to do it, to try to replace mom and dad. As a rule, it cannot afford it. She tries to be like his father, the same strict. And at the same time gentle as a mother. In the absence of the Pope at the kid not actively formed organization and self-discipline and emotional restraint. Well, if you have an older brother or grandfather. If not, the mother should find someone from male relatives, who would often communicate to her child. Replace same dad she can’t. Her task is to fulfill their maternal role and to strive in the presence of a child not to fall into a state of lonely despair. For in such times the child is particularly keenly feels his solitude, he’s getting weaker, both physically and mentally.

Recently single women even became fashionable to have a baby for myself. Supposedly’t find anyone to marry, so at least let the child to do alone. Only child is not a toy, make it in such a case is impossible. He must be born of love. Let this love will not be continuing in the relations of men and women, but will be a continuation in the child. But in this case the woman is constantly haunted by the fear. Usually in families that have to suffer doubts if the development gets the child, upbringing, whether healthy growing. But if a woman is alone? All 24 hours a day in her brain drill questions, how not to raise a spoiled child, how to punish a bad thing, a failing grade in school. And most importantly, respond to the child at his question about her father. Wise mothers usually characterize his dad on the positive side. And as an admonition often refer to him, saying, what dad wouldn’t like it. Or from time to time to ask your child: “what do you think, what would daddy say?”

Error mom may be in a tough position, which she took to her baby, as if trying thus to make up for his absence of the Pope. Position is totally wrong. The Pope does not replace, but a real maternal role lose. In totally wrong position and pity, they say, the baby is growing orphan Annie Pope had not, there is no one to protect, so at least I will once again regret. And discreetly from such a child will grow up selfish, who from childhood all is permitted. It is these children grow up to be the so-called consumers who don’t feel the self-confidence. Difficulties in a single-parent family can be overcome. And many grow up to be decent people who subsequently become wonderful parents for their children. But single mom and dads need to try hard. And first of all to try his example of doing good to people, honesty, decency. The child — Ghost. It copies all parents. Moreover, this in-depth copy occurs in a single-parent family.

Of course, as in any educational process, a lot of effort, time, emotional energy you have to spend on the education of children in single-parent families. Special no secrets. They are the same as in complete families. And consist primarily in the fact that the child did not feel loneliness. Communication is the main means of raising a child. The choice of the medium of communication is one of the main tasks of parents. Of course, especially that you need to pay single mothers. And by mom or dad every spare moment to devote to the child, talk with him, interested in the business, and to really try to feel the Affairs and concerns of his little son or daughter. If this happens, you solve half of the problems. Of course, such communication is almost completely eliminates the punishment of the child in the form of a shout, slap, making other drastic measures. But how then to punish him for his improper act? Just talk, and not as an adult with a child, and at the same level. And try on some concrete example to show that the son or daughter did something really bad. And now someone from such act suffers.

It is very important not to forget about the sexual education of the child. This is especially true in a single-parent family. In full, the child constantly sees and feels the relationship dads and moms, men and women.Such relations seem to be gradually preparing a child for future family life. How to be in a single-parent family? I think the simple answer is to compensate the family of a new marriage or marriage. It is easy to say. But even if that happens, the child may not accept a new family member. And a recipe for disaster. The child may hate the stepmother or stepfather, and eventually mom or dad.

Again have to resort to that to a child should frequently be left in complete families of close relatives, wherever they are, first, never felt like strangers, and secondly, absorbed the correlation existing in a complete family. The best way out of this situation will be frequent visits with your grandparents, if they exist. Well, it’s better sex education child to engage in consultation with teachers at school with medical staff. You can never avoid answering any questions the child, no matter how tricky or unpleasant they may seem. It is best to say that while not know the answer, if you really don’t know or are not prepared to answer, but tomorrow everything will Refine, prepare and tell. And do it, even if the child posibil about your question.

If children are raised in single-parent family, it does not mean – in inferior. Family can be complete, but incomplete. Conversely, where there is the spirit of friendship, mutual understanding, respect for others, including those fathers or mothers, which for some reason did not, where the child is able to enjoy life, loves his mother – the family complete. Unfortunately, more single-parent families. Something apparently happens in society is not so, because in the pursuit of personal happiness many did not think that his departure from the family they primarily cause great injury to the little man, born not by choice, but by the will and the person who is leaving, moreover, according to the dictates of his heart, at that moment driven by love.

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