Sex education for children

How should respond to parents, caregivers manifestations of curiosity to the genitals? First, to understand the motivations of the children. They are driven by curiosity and in no way depravity, or an unhealthy desire. The girls, as did the opening four year old boy, there is no “Piwnica”, and the boys are not like girls “because they at the bottom of the tube” – concluded his same age, which began to attend kindergarten. This curiosity about genitalia, usually ends.

Secondly, you need to patiently explain to the kid what to behave, to peep, to expose genitals, touching them ugly and unworthy. As rightly pointed out by V. Levi, from early childhood boys and girls should learn the concept of “indecent”. In any case, we should not blame the child in raspotocje or to punish. Rigor in the assessment of parents such manifestations of sexual shamelessness should not cross this boundary, when the child begins to feel like a criminal.

Teachers of kindergartens are well aware that not all children (especially those who live in one-child families and did not attend for any reason, pre-schools), reaching school age, you know that boys differ from girls not only because they wear different clothes, but the structure of the genital organs.

According to experts, about the difference in the structure of the body men and women, kids need to learn up to 2.5 – 3 years. Parents should find the appropriate way to inform children about this.

About the naked body, hygiene and not only

I would like to draw the attention of parents on the subject is poorly lit in the sexual education of the individual is our attitude towards nudity. The lack of facilities in respect of the naked body is an important condition for the normal sexual life of an adult. Shyness, timidity negative effect on sexual relations, their roots often in childhood, in family education. Because it is in childhood that the naked body is perceived naturally, because the explanation that only naked, naked can be a good wash or what exercises it is better to do a Striptease, which is useful to take air baths, are perceived as a sufficient justification of why people should not be ashamed of nudity.

Does your kid to wash the body with warm water, wipe a body to wash feet in cold water, watch out for the nails, to comb your hair? The development from childhood skill care of the body is difficult to overestimate. At preschool age, parents should help the child to learn hygienic rules that will help in later years to maintain the health, efficiency, the ability to bear and rear offspring full. All this directly relates to the learning child sexual roles.

Formed skills of hygiene not only temper the girl’s body, but also prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases. Note the common mistake mothers about hygiene daughters. The question of when to start teaching the girl to wash, almost all of the mother answered: “When menstruation begins”. This is wrong. To accustom the girl to daily washing away at an early preschool age.

In early childhood are the first role stereotypes of sexual behavior. The mistakes of parents in the sexual education of children often lead to the transformation in the assimilation of gender roles.

Psychiatrists have noted, the deficit of parental warmth of the house gives little man a sense of fear, loneliness, insecurity. Deprivation (disturbing experience) often pushes him to find comfort in my own body. Children begin to suck the finger, lips, irritate the genitals.

Known examples of provocations early sensuality as a result of violation of hygiene norms.

The attraction to artificial irritation of the genitals arose in girls after the age of five worms she was itching in the genital area. The girl was masturbating for two years. Retells the sensations it thus: “I go to bed and put the handles on the blanket, then begin to fall asleep and something there (points at the genitals) feel, and the handle itself is, so the clicks, and so she rubs and presses. I really don’t want to touch this place, but the pen itself. I told my mom sew me panties”. Thus, the cause abnormalities in the sexual development of the individual can be artificially stimulated by experiences in childhood. Among the factors that contribute to proper sex education, first at preschool age is the example of parents. The first lessons of sexual behavior given to boys and girls in games. Nowhere is teaching the value of friendship with the parents not speak so clearly as in the prevention of sexual perversions and overcoming bad habits.

Recommendations of psychologists – what a preschooler should know?

Names of the genitals – the penis, testicles, scrotum, anus, vulva, labia, vagina, clitoris, uterus, ovaries.

That conception occurs when the male sperm unites with the ovum of the woman in the act of sex.

The child grows in the womb.

The child is born through the vagina.

Basic information about menstruation and nocturnal emissions as clean and healthy processes.

That it is impossible to raise the condoms.

What they need to know it all

Modesty of parents in matters of sexuality is the experience brought from their own childhood. But think about it from a scientific point of view. There is nothing wrong with the way we are born children. We adults have to make ourselves and our society to grow up mentally. To help our children, we must become more Mature sexually. Usually very difficult to be more Mature than our parents were, but it depends on us the future of our children.

Also, remember that knowledge is protection. Did you know that criminals who commit sexual crimes, very skillfully chosen children – namely, those that are vulnerable. And criminals know that if a child knows scientific terms, it means that they they were introduced someone from adults, probably parents, and that adult learning must have said: “This is a fit topic for conversation, you may even need to know all about their bodies”. Because these children know that mom or dad can discuss sexual issues, they will most likely tell your parents if someone tries to molest them.

This is why people that impinge on children almost always choose a victim among those who almost knows nothing, who will not be able to tell anything. Silence on the part of parents is for them the firm conviction that you can’t talk.

So, please, do not make their children targets for sexual assault. Innocent, that is an uneducated child is not protected and is at risk.

And finally, when we tell children that conception occurs as a result of sexual intercourse, does not mean that we teach children to have sex. We do not say to them that they can do it. Sex is only for adults. Most children are happy to hear that they should not get involved and say: “I’ll never do it”.

We introduce children only with physiology, the science of the body, which will be with them always, and to be cherished, and reproductive health is no worse than food hygiene.

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