Pictures of children what they are talking about?

A picture of the child reflects to some extent what is happening with him.

Every kid draws the landscape in different ways. Little artist will choose the colors and mood of the work at its discretion. At first thought appears in my head and then emerges on a sheet of paper.

Especially strongly this phenomenon is visible in the drawings of children .On the basis of one figure to draw conclusions about the psycho-emotional condition of the child is not worth it. In order to obtain a complete picture of the child’s condition, review the drawings for at least a couple of months.

First, pay attention to the plot of children’s drawings .

Most frequently in children’s drawings are used such stories – the people, the animals, the sun,sky, trees, houses, grass and flowers.

If children’s drawings there are no people, then this may indicate difficulties in communication.

The abundance of dangerous animals (with lots of teeth) indicates the voltage of the child.

If the boy is 6 years draws war, dinosaurs and other predatory animals, then this is completely normal. Thus the child prepares himself for the role of defender. If the girl of this age draws princesses, then it also says that it’s preparing yourself for the role of a girl.

Color conveys the emotions of the child.

When color analysis in the drawings of a child, pay attention to the colors, which in the figure too much.Or if the child looked at the picture with a black liner and don’t wish to paint it.

Blue – the color of calm and confidence. The color of the walls in the school blue – a sign of a good adaptation to the educational process.

Green conveys a sense of reliability.

Red – emotional stress, anxiety, conflict.

Yellow – activity, good mood, positive.

Pink – a feeling of tenderness, sensitivity.

Grey – a state of vague alarm.

Black – indicates severe suffering and depression, too much in pictures.

Regardless of color, if the child covers the whole object with one color, then it is not a good symptom. What a child painted in the figure, awe or fear.

The amount of detail is very important in a child’s drawing.

Important and the size of the picture of the child on the sheet of paper, and the size of the individual small parts. Small picture and a large number of small figures indicate the uncertainty, timidity, anxiety child. The location of the picture of the child above the middle line of the sheet is too high self-esteem and dissatisfaction with their role in the team.

That kid is extremely important, it draws a big.When a child draws his friends, he will draw the biggest is not the highest, but one that exerts a strong influence. Pay attention to the details, if you missed hands – this indicates the difficulties in communication. Too big a head size in the figure suggests that the artist mind prevails over feelings, and he appreciates in other people mind. The large size of the ears indicates a high significance of the opinions of others – as if he’s trying to listen to their words.

The most important thing.

Remember that the most important thing in the analysis of children’s drawings is a General impression from it. What emotions put in it? What now lives in the soul of Your child? What he wants to say to You through his design?

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