Influence on child behaviour and parents

Second, for successful education need to realize that our words should not be different from actions. If You tell your child: “No cursing!”. And they go to work and explaining three-story words, you should know that as a subtle, mental link between the child’s parents remained continuously until his death, when we leave for work, and when you do not behave correctly, then the mental state and our wrong behavior will affect the child. This relationship holds for life. When parents become elderly, they are more dependent on their children. If the child is still small and dependent on parents, and You secretly swear somewhere, the child hears the language, will remember it for life. He suddenly feel that this is something close to his heart, as the same power he gets from You. He begins to think: “Now this is what I was lacking, that is the word I like most!” There is a subtle influence on the mind of the child, he is most linked with their parents. Therefore, the child feels that he wants something, but what he does not know yet. And when he hears this speech,

he will feel a great happiness, inspiration and begin to repeat. So the problem occurs. Also, when we cheat each other or something else not properly doing all of this is passed to the child on a subtle level, and then everyone is wondering: where does that come from? Parents think, “well, we gave him the best. Because we have so much money it spent so much effort given! Why does it become so?”

And I particularly like the phrase I often heard from my neighbors when I was in College. The mother screamed at her daughter: “And who are you, dumb freak?” When she was so perplexed, it made me laugh.

The child is always born with something similar to their parents. When conception occurs, the soul, aspiring to get a new baby’s body falls to the parents, who must be her fate. It’s the law. As well as positive and negative charges attract each other, the trillions and trillions of living beings, parents and children, with suitable for each other by fate, are attracted to each other, driven by the laws of karma. I.e. what is the force that comes from the parents at the moment of conception, the fate of the living entity is attracted to her. And it’s just material laws, as in physics. The parents fate similar to the fate of the child and all. Do not think a child like me because I’m his father, chromosomes so got up, then he should do as I do.

There are more subtle features. The slim boy’s body is very similar to the subtle body of the mother but the thin girl’s body is very similar to the subtle body of the Pope. This means that the son has more qualities, like my mother, and my daughter has more qualities like the Pope, i.e. the son grows into a mother and daughter to daddy in his deep character traits. But this does not mean that the Pope must educate a girl, and the boy’s mother. Dad needs to raise the boy, and mom needs to raise a little girl. What then to do with this will work? Everything is resolved. If the family has the cooperation, understanding and love. If mummy loves daddy, your little boy will love the Pope, because the subtle body of the mother is under a thin boy’s body, and it will convey your love to the father and the son. Also, if dad respects and appreciates his wife, then the children will also really appreciate and take care of his mother. Thus, we need to understand that there is never any compromise. There are such regularities, and no one will ever run away.

Therefore, if parents do not want to treat each other well, it means that they have lost their children, and no chance to have a good relationship with the children they will have. I’m not talking about education. They may well try to raise their children, but to have a good relationship with children they can’t, because he has not brought up a good relationship with each other. The result – punishment – to have good relations with children. I.e. the fate bezkompromisa.

Another interesting note – regardless of the child listens to You or not, communicates with You or not, the child may be hundreds of miles away from the father or from the mother, it has no value. Matter what You do. Depending on the kind of life You lead, the child receives this type of character. All, there are no options. This is the correct understanding of education. Education is, above all, self-improvement, change of life within themselves. If someone wants a true benefit to the child, he should not attempt by violence to force him to do something or to change, you need to try to change himself. And the child will surely get the benefit. Therefore, the formula of nurturing positive qualities in children is based on the self-education of parents.

For example, how to make your daughter had a good family? To love and obey your husband? Should the mom while the little daughter, to begin to love and obey her husband. How to make the noble son grew up, took responsibility for his wife and children, respected in the old age of their parents and provided them with bread, when they would no longer be able to work? Need dad to honor his wife, we must provide it with all necessary, it is necessary to protect her in all things and protect their children and to care for their parents. When the father does, the son grows up the same. When the mother does, the daughter grows up the same. Otherwise the children all the problems will be repeated.

The exception may be when the child upon reaching the age of majority, seeing the absolute uselessness of the meaning of life, who are parents, trying to overcome all the accumulated bad lives and the pursuit of self-improvement. Even in this case the subconscious mind and habits not jump, and at first have mangled so much wood. He learns how to live properly and intuitively seeks the truth. Sometimes this young man gets naughty outwardly, but inside he strives to keep everyone happy. He learns how to behave correctly, but it ignores any attempt to interfere with parents in his life. In this case, the person gradually takes possession of all the positive qualities and becomes a good person in society. This is a rare case, but it happens when the person is born in their negative karma in a particular family. He’s working in children its bad karma and sees that the life that show him his parents, absolutely useless. So he starts to live its inner life. Often parents of these children do not like, or understand, or try to break their internal aspirations, etc. But that it is even more away from them. And the second type of such care may be out of selfishness. This by the way is much the bowl, so nowadays parents can’t get along with children. This is the type we have already discussed that when the family are cultivated egoistic inclinations, when the child reaches maturity, after 13, he becomes selfish and unable to live with their parents. He starts to live its own life, not in his role as son or daughter.


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