How to teach your child to blow his nose?

To teach your child to blow his nose at a very early age – so, to protect him from problems with swallowing snot and speed up the healing process. Wise parents should be warned beforehand about the development of this skill in the baby – and you do not even have to wait for this disease.

Why is it important to be able to fishmarkets?

Many believe that is harmful to sniff and swallow the snot that drip down the back of the throat, resulting in germs out of the body, and trigger a new round of illness. Actually this is incorrect, because, once in the stomach, the bacteria are exposed to gastric juice, not giving them a chance for further development.

In another case, if the nose is pouring incessantly, systematic vysmarkivanie will help to avoid eternal “sputum” under the spout and, as a result, prevent the occurrence of painful stimuli (only need to ensure that the scarves were soft and not “glass” and tight, you can also use a delicate paper napkins).

But the most important thing is that vysmarkivanie helps to avoid stagnation of mucus in the nose, prevents it from drying and thickening, which is very important for the prevention of otitis media . In addition, the time bismarckallee, baby not to sniff and get used to this kind of behavior (that a sin to conceal, like many adults suffer that very often annoying others).

When you can start teaching your child to blow his nose?

Have a very small baby who is not able to blow your nose, you can blow snot using a syringe or special aplausos (there are even devices that connect to an ordinary vacuum cleaner and, judging by the feedback from parents, great pull all the snot, but many kids their fear because of the volume of work).

But many kids really protest when they climb into the nose, down into hysterics at the sight of the “torture tool” (pear, aplausos or aspirator). So you should start teaching your toddler to fishmarkets from an early age, namely, of a year and a half when the baby is beginning to understand it is addressed and may gradually comply with the requests of an adult.

For learning to blowing your nose, there are several gaming techniques, and the task of parents is to choose those that will love the baby and will lead to the desired result.

Science to blow your nose properly

Not all parents know about what you need to blow your nose correctly. It is unacceptable to force a child to blow his nose hard, as this may provoke the occurrence of otitis media (in children of younger age structure of the nasopharynx is such that not even the most significant runny nose often leads to problems with the ears).

If necessary, in order to facilitate the discharge of mucus, you need to drip into the small trunk is a bit of any salt solution that is easy to cook by yourself (at the rate of 1 teaspoon sodium pharmacy or purified sea salt per liter of water) or buy at the pharmacy, and a bit to wait. When this snot will become more liquid and blown out to them will be much easier.

Still need to remember that you cannot blow your nose from both nostrils at once . From childhood it is important to teach the child to release the first one nostril (holding two), and then another. And, of course, you need to change the handkerchiefs or use disposable paper towels.

How to teach your child to fishmarkets?

When learning to blowing your nose the main thing is to have patience, because you have mastered this skill the child most likely will need an adequate amount of time. A lot depends on the age of your child and how often he is sick and toplimit.

To get started you just need to teach your child to blow your nose in the air, and these lessons can be conducted not only during illness, and when the baby healthy . For this, you can try to blow off the nose of paper or feathers, you can use “nose blowing” to go in swimming in a bowl of water light paper boats. You can play a game of “nose-train”, during which you want to “puff” a nose like a real locomotive, or “hedgehog” (the principle is very similar to the game “engine”, especially if the kid knows and loves to show how ridiculous puffing and wrinkles his nose hedgehog).

Also the child can learn to blow your nose, just emulating their parents. Therefore it is worth more to practice the occupation “mommy blows his nose – the child looks”. If the toddler loves to play with dolls or stuffed animals, you can offer him to heal the sick toys and teach them to vysmarkivatsya nose.

And what if the kid just couldn’t do it? Try again and again or to postpone the training? Every parent must decide this question itself is based on the interests of the baby – if the baby does not irritate the classes, you can continue, but if the baby is straining under one word “nose”, is yet to return to aplausos. The only “but”: if the toddler is vysmarkivaniya systematically draws snot even deeper, the training should be to stop (or use some other method), because this may cause complications with your ears.

And in any case we have to show a little example and draw his attention to the fact that all the uncles, aunts and big kids know how to blow his nose, but in any case not to blame and don’t blame him for what he had not yet mastered the skill. All in good time!

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