How to teach your child the alphabet.

Many parents wonder at what age to introduce a child to the alphabet. Relatives, friends and teachers recommend different dates to start learning letters. Someone thinks that start before 2 years does not make sense, others warn that after 3 will be too late. Begin to explore with the child the alphabet advantageously in the range from 2 to 4 years. To navigate it should in the first instance to the child.

Preparing to study with the child the alphabet

Don’t worry if your child shows no interest in the alphabet in 2 years. At this age it is more important to instill in him a love of reading, to show that the book is a source of knowledge, as well as fascinating and instructive stories. When reading follow a few simple rules:

reading to your child every day. Allow him to choose the book, stories or poems to read.

while reading slide your finger from line to line and let you turn pages. Pay attention to the illustrations to the text, the expression on their faces and other important details;

don’t hide the books. If the baby has a tendency to appreciate the literary value of the work on the tooth, buy him a book with sturdy cardboard, rubber or laminated sheets, and may he develops his literary taste;

discuss the reading in understanding the child’s level. Teach him to reproduce the sequence of events to summarize the reading.

When the time comes, the child himself will declare their readiness to get acquainted with the alphabet closer. Hearing the question, which letter is represented, what is written on the sign shop, prepare all the necessary “tools”, with which you can introduce your child to the world of letters and symbols: the magnetic alphabet primer, a poster with the alphabet cubes with letters.

There are lots of methods and materials designed to teach the alphabet, however there is no universal method. Remember that each child is unique and responds differently to certain teaching techniques and at their own pace absorb information.

At what age to teach the alphabet with a child

The principle of taking into account age peculiarities. Children 2 – 4 years are not able to concentrate on one object or activity for a long time. So teaching it is advisable to use gaming methods, classes should be interesting and to wear creative. Several short-term (5 – 10 min) practice during the day is more effective than a few long “lessons”, during which the child gets tired and starts to get distracted.

It should be noted also limited the child’s ability to allocate attention to multiple objects at once, so it is optimal to teach and show no more than 2 – 3 letters. It is desirable to select them in alphabetical order, and so that child from the very first lesson to make their first words (Ah, Ah, meow). It is recommended to not name the letter and the sound that it represents. Do not skip to learn new letters until you are sure that the child learned the previous one.

Motivation is an integral part of the learning process. Explain that the letters are an important part of human life. Show the child as evidence of the computer keyboard, cell phone, street name on the index. Tip: for a young child compose a tale about a Bunny who wanted to go to the store, but he could not read, could not find it and therefore got into some funny situations, and then decided to go to school to learn to read.

Game methods: how to teach a child the alphabet

Many children do not differ constancy of interest and periodically refuse to learn the letters, so use mainly learning games. Thus, the training will turn into an exciting experience.

The flash cards. Draw on a sheet of A4 letter and stick a range of 1 – 3 pictures of items that start with that letter. Make sure that the picture has attracted much attention and were more letters in size.

Showing the letter to a child, call her and ask him to repeat after you.

1. Unfold the 3 – 4 cards with letters on the floor and ask the child to jump on the letter that you will call. Classes organized in the form of a game where you need to be physically active, always attracted the interest of the children.

2. Play with the letters hide and seek. Take 3 – 4 cards with images of letters that you study at this stage, and hide them (you can stick them with tape to the inner surface of the Cabinet doors, the back side of the glass balcony, etc.), and after – take your child on a search for “fugitives”.

3. Hang on 2 – 3 days card with the letters in those places of the house where the child is more often. Constantly bumping into them with a look, he will remember them visually.

flash cards for learning the alphabet

Magnetic alphabet. Buy a set of letter magnets and attach them to a metal surface, such as refrigerator door. Allow the child to move their discretion. Magnetic alphabet useful fingering the letter, the child remembers her physical image.

1. Position 4 – 5 studied the letters in alphabetical order, name them, ask the child to repeat, then remove one letter and again name all, placing special emphasis on the missing letter. Then ask the child to list the letters along with the one that disappeared.

2. Mix a few letters and ask the child to find desired or, for example, like a house, on a chair, etc.

3. Take one of the magnetic letters as a sample, open a children’s ABC book and ask your child to find as many of these same letters.

magnetic alphabet – learn the alphabet with the child

The materials at hand. Arrange a day devoted to studying the letter. Sculpt it out of clay or dough for sculpting, arrange a competition for the best drawing letters, bake cookies in the shape of the letter. Fold it from parts designer, counting sticks and other materials.

ABC made with your own hands. Create baby copyright primer. You will need old magazines, colored paper, glue and a sketchpad. Draw and cut out the contours are studying the letter and pictures of items on it begin. Glue it all on one of the regular album pages for drawing. The child will be delighted by its own hand-made books, and with impatience will wait for the following classes to fill your album. And subsequently you will be proud to demonstrate his grandparents.

Following these simple tips you can easily teach your toddler the alphabet.

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