How to teach a child to kindergarten

Many mothers and fathers in advance of the first class begin to prepare their children for school, but when they send their children to preschool, they don’t neither. Why is this happening? Once the child reaches the appropriate age, he is made quickly in kindergarten. There it will feed, sing, and will educate than in recent times, young mothers are not involved. These children, from the first day of arrival in the team begin to experience difficulties that are associated with behavior and communication with kids the same age.

Also, many parents find kindergartens the only stage in the development of their children. Bringing children to kindergarten, most parents do not pay attention to the hysterical behavior of their children, they scream, fall on the floor, stomp your feet, cling to all sorts of things, just not to get into the group and, God forbid, or where not to go away their mommy. In the first days of the child’s attendance in kindergarten he thrills may start to hurt, they can occur frequent change of mood, both at home and in child care.

Giving the child to the garden early, of course, is good, because the smaller the child, the faster he will find communication with peers and get used to the educators, that is, first to strangers. Then teachers will replace them and mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. And some children even refuse to go home. They ask the parents, they just come in later or leave them overnight in kindergarten, as they have not played enough. To obey the requests of the children or not — you have to decide for yourself, because in the future their love to friends and family is much weakened. The word “family” may lose its value as the most important problem can begin at an older age, that is, in his own family. Think about the correct actions now while your child is small and does not understand much, because later may be too late.

If your family have opportunities to be longer with the child at home, be sure to use it. Do not rush, you have time, if you give your baby to kindergarten not in two years, and in three or four.

If mom can’t stay longer on maternity leave, but you have to go to work, for some reason, then she needs to do in a tight training her baby to kindergarten and important changes in his life that it’s easier to accustom to the changes and not to injure the psyche.

The choice of garden — this is also not a simple matter, because in the next garden group is full and tell you to wait a bit or if you need urgently, we offer you to become a sponsor briefly at the economic side, house painter, plasterer, plumber, and so on, no matter in what condition, is the garden, which you liked.

Stop worrying, your child nothing will happen, it will, like the other kids something to study, listen to music, songs, poems and so on. You may remember that babies in the womb feel the mood, anxiety, fears and other concerns from her mother. Try not to show their fear and anxiety that it’s easier to teach a child to garden, but don’t idealize, as the child is not seeing and not having experienced the promised emotions, very upset and the next day may throw a tantrum.

What time of year it is better to give a child in kindergarten

The best time of year to determine a child in kindergarten is autumn. All summer we need to try to adjust to the routine of kindergarten. So in the morning all procedures occurred slowly, without much ADO with dressing, feeding and so on, teach your child to Wake up a little earlier than the set time. Thus, you and your child get used to a clear rise. A little time will pass and your child without the alarm clock will Wake up in kindergarten.

The quiet hour

Very often parents make the same mistake, telling their children that they are in a quiet hour in the garden can’t sleep and just need to lie down, and then after them will come. How many little kids can lie down, not moving and not talking? I think any mom can answer this question without difficulty. After five or ten minutes, children, mums not allowed to sleep in the best case “YAP” for blankets, pillows, sheets its neighbor. At worst actually move around the bedroom in a random order, waking everyone, jump on beds, make loud groans, sighs, grunting, in short, “who on that much”. Therefore, in order to facilitate not so easy work of an educator, over the summer, you are obliged to teach a child to sleep at lunchtime. This is usually for very young children, from 12.00 to 15.00 and for older children from 13.00 till 15.10. How to do it, you decide for yourself, the main thing that the result was correct. You should not try to teach a child to swing before bedtime, because in kindergarten this already no one will do both at the same time the teacher will not be able to do it with all the children at once. You know that children love to repeat, so the caregiver is not physically able to even take turns to pump all children, and will ask all.


Giving their child to kindergarten, forget about diapers. The child should know when he needs to go potty, that is, before eating, before you walk, before dinner, before sleep and after sleep. This is the schedule of any garden. That the child was comfortable, you need to teach him to ask to use the toilet. Because, you see, when the baby peed – it gives him great discomfort, even if the pants will change in time.


Recently the children entering kindergarten, eat very slowly or do not know how to do this. At the same time the teacher can’t feed all the children, so children should be taught to eat their own. Over time babysitter and caregiver begin to be customized remedial kids, and they get angry and cry. Then the next day for this simple reason, refuse to eat at all or worse, to go to kindergarten.

Dear parents, remember that in kindergarten the kids do all the time. If in the nursery stands out for lunch twenty minutes, then ten and older kids should meet at this time. Because after a certain time their classes or walking or sleeping hours, which should begin at a certain time. If you have individual requests to the caregiver, then walk up to him and talk and find a compromise in this matter, and do not stand behind the doors and Express their discontent.

When the child is outside of a kindergarten, try to give him all my free time, walk together, go to clubs, go shopping and to the guests. Thus, your child much faster will get used to children’s institution and, thus, will feel needed.

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