How to overcome the age crisis?

Many parents notice that the child’s behavior at age 7 varies. All this is due to the fact that the crisis is 7 years old. What to do? Parents don’t know that. This article will tell you how to behave.

At the age of 7 years in a child’s psychological breakdown. All of its children’s values change, the concepts of good and bad too. Now he is no longer the baby, and the student learns to interact with other children. All this changes the behavior of the child in 7 years.

It is considered that in comparison with crises 3 and 14 years, the crisis of 7 years the most quiet and less noticeable. But it happens very rarely, and, most likely, parents who do not pay enough attention to the child, it can really not be overlooked. And those parents who have experienced the crisis of 7 years, what to do, I don’t know. But first you need to understand the symptoms of this case, and with which they are associated.

All this is happening with a child, because he is becoming more Mature. Willy-nilly, he begins to realize that his desires are not always compatible with the capabilities of parents and himself. Does this change the world, break down stereotypes. Now the child is in control of not only emotions, but also the mind that teaches him to talk. All this at first may scare the baby, it is this sense of fear and drives it into a crisis. The baby begins to understand who he is and who would want to be, whether really the fulfillment of his desires. He takes an interest in General questions, maybe even political.

Previously, he behaved with adults almost equal, but now shuns them, shy. Children become more closed and quiet. Such is the crisis of 7 years. Tips for parents can be given indefinitely, you need the most important component of the understanding in the family. A poor relationship between household can lead to the fact that the child simply stops to put them in the example and obey the elders, because they each other do not listen. And if the family do not understand each other, they will not understand and 7-year-old kid. At this age all children desperately start looking for yourself, mom and dad have to help with. Someone is bound to sewing, someone to knit, some children start to sing or write poetry. Any positive aspiration should be encouraged by parents. Because at this particularly vulnerable time a child waiting for praise, not criticism. It can be perceived negatively, blaming mom and dad in the misunderstanding and stupidity. And this will further alienate them and disrupt the already fragile at this point link. Misunderstanding causes isolation, the child does not speak and says nothing. This must be addressed.

Here is the crisis of 7 years. How to overcome it, can only know psychologists or in truth loving parents. The baby starts going to school at this age and this means that to affect his Outlook will be also a teacher, so school need to choose quality.

But what a child most of the time with the teacher, does not mean that mom and dad need to sit back and wait for the crisis itself will be held. This can’t be. The fact that the school in two ways to affect the child. She can close it yourself because of the innuendo with peers or Vice versa, the school can make a child more confident, if he becomes a leader in the company. Therefore, every parent, every day should be interested in events that occur in school with his child. In all cases, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a student, so we understand him better. Because parents often forget that once were the same kids and do the same things. The most important thing is to survive this recession 7 years. Psychology have long identified a few rules of conduct of the parents during the crisis period, the life of their child.

In any situation, you should stick to peaceful explanatory tone. You cannot fly off the handle and yell at the child, it is impossible to achieve understanding, and can only aggravate the situation.

If you quarrel with your student become more often, then that means it’s time to relax a bit from each other. For example, send it to grandma or to the camp is a great idea.

Humor always helped to get out of any situation. Communication with a child 7 years of age must be kind and funny, so he did not feel hesitant and uncomfortable.

For mistakes, you cannot scold, scream and preach best with the baby, to analyze them and to understand why this is good and this is bad.

The love and affection between parents and children should always be present, especially in such a difficult moment for the whole family. It is love and help to maintain a good relationship with Chad.

To take the child is not meant to instruct it to perform all the household chores, and then another and yell that something is wrong. Need to give my child more time to play with him, do needlework, write it in fun and interesting circle. Children need to develop spiritually.

Need to teach the child to make their own right decisions. And even if he took the wrong decision, you can’t blame and accuse. It’s his choice, you need to respect it.

Thus it turns out that the main thing in the relations of parents and children is the understanding. You should always respect the person’s opinion, even if it is small. And furthermore, in 7 years, the Outlook is changing, many things become clear.

This means that it boldly, as well as adults can start their discussion. He may not speak clearly, it is not clear, but important things. The child at this age becomes an adult. And his words are worth listening to, because the mouths of Babes has spoken the truth.

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