Horoscope the parents and the child

After examining the position of the planets in the horoscope of the parents and the horoscope of the child, not forgetting about the function of each of the celestial bodies, you can define which fields of activities you and your toddler are compatible, and where difficulties may arise.

For example, the planets in the horoscope of the child and parents will tell about the nature of the relationship between them. So, the parent with the Sun in Taurus and the child with the Moon in Taurus will harmoniously interact on the mental and emotional levels, while the same parent will be difficult to achieve emotional rapport with the child with the Moon in Scorpio.

However, if this baby will have Venus in Taurus, between it and the parent has any mutual tender affection, which will help to overcome difficulties.

Horoscope of the child and parents: the elements and planets

Elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water – represent the four main energy inherent in every human being, the primal forces of life. The ratio of elements in a person’s horoscope reflects the ratio of the energies within it. To better understand themselves and others, we need to thoroughly examine these forces and their interactions.

Each of us has a different combination of four main energy in matter as presented in the horoscope element signs of the Zodiac. One person can be “born” swimmer, preferring activities associated with water, the other “natural” runner.

Each shows the quality of the predominant elements in it, thus creating their own individual way. And it is very important that each element has found its way of expression.

In the horoscopes of children, especially at an early age, the interaction of the elements gives an indication of what is happening in their inner world and how they react to their environment.

The ratio of the elements will tell you how to protect the health of the child, to which the method of teaching he is more susceptible, what a way to rest him more suited how to resolve family conflicts.

Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements. Signs of the same element are considered to be the most compatible. Fire and Air also get along well with each other, and the Land and Water emit similar frequency oscillations.

If the element Zodiac signs of the child and one parent (or both) are incompatible, it can result in conflicts and misunderstandings.

For example, judicious and sober-minded parent, which sign belongs to the element of Air, it will be difficult to negotiate with a very emotional and immune to logical arguments of a child born under the sign of Water, while the pragmatic parent, which is dominated by the energy of the Earth, it will be difficult to withstand the tireless energy and self-centeredness of a child with a fire sign.

Let me stress once again that in this case it is important to treat these differences with understanding, especially while the child is small – although to a successful resolution of conflict in adolescence understanding parents also takes far not last place.

To the differences between the four types of parents and children did not prevent them effectively interact with the child should be given the opportunity to freely Express the dominant energy in it.

The first step is to admit the very existence of these differences and try to feel comfortable with this fact. In the end, if all people were the same, life would be unbearably boring and monotonous!

After carefully studying the horoscope of the child and parents and identifying the dominant element in every horoscope, one can understand how they interact. In addition, the position of each planet relative to the elements and qualities will show how harmoniously combined their energy.

Planet, standing in signs of the same element are compatible; in the signs of the same quality – contradictory.

Causes of problems in relationships between parents and children and between children in the same family often are rooted in the natural quality and the compatibility of their horoscopes.

In this case, people often love each other without mutual sympathy. It is worth noting that disharmony in the mutual arrangement of the elements and qualities does not necessarily lead to conflict, if we are to understand that they are only different forms of internal energy.

If you remember these basic differences and treat them with tolerance, family relationships will be formed more smoothly and quietly.

For example, if the child does not enjoy any type of holiday, it’s possible that this is connected with the elements in his horoscope.

If there is predominant element of Fire, the most comfortable he will feel in the bright sunlight; if the predominant Land, the child will be attracted to stones, trees, sand and clay; kids Air will seek the mountains, and the children of Water – the sea or the lake.

A child with a dominant element of Fire becomes restless and restless during long car trips, however, frequent stops will help him to throw out the excess energy. Children of Earth is able to maintain a long stillness, if it is convenient and there is a food.

Horoscope of the child and parents: compatibility

Child of Air you can take puzzles and word games, he will be bored, if you provide him with toys, books and magazines.

Children need Water to call for a Frank conversation about their experiences or offer them to lead an illustrated journal to record their feelings. A proper understanding of the combinations of the elements in the horoscope of the child will help to balance the different temperaments. It would be unfair if all concessions were made only by the child for the sake of her parents.

In a conflict situation, the child will overcome obstacles solely by physical force.

Child of the Earth react to the problem calmly and leisurely to think about. The first reaction of a child Air will be verbal, it will be a long and lengthy talk aloud. Water baby just will blend into the situation and will wait until the internal sense do not tell him the correct decision.

The parents ‘ reaction will be about the same. It is easy to guess that a collision-Fire with Fire will inevitably cause a lot of noisy, difficult to solve conflicts; in these cases it is said that the child is too similar to the parent, to be loved.

Earth and Earth will come to a standstill, because under pressure, each of them begins to persist and with amazing strength and determination to move from passive resistance to active attack. The air will enter into an infinitely long debate, which in the end leads to nothing. Water Water will clash emotions, and the result will come either full reconciliation and understanding, or complete alienation.

After carefully studying the horoscope of the child and parents to determine the dominant element, it will help parents in conflict resolution. For example, the parent with the prevailing Air will not attempt to appeal to the mind of the child of Water, knowing that he will calm down only when his feelings would be if not understood, then at least accepted.

A careful study of the horoscope of parents and children, i.e. the ratios of the elements in the horoscope of the child will give parents the necessary knowledge for understanding how to build their interaction at this level.

Horoscope of the child and parents. The dominant element indicates the area in which the activities of the parent or the child feels most easily, which causes a feeling of comfort, and in what areas he is capable of spontaneous action.

Studying qualitative balance in the horoscope of the child and parents, need to remember that the signs of the same cross (cardinal, fixed or mutable) or form an opposition, or square.

Therefore, the parent with the predominance of planets in cardinal signs will not necessarily get along well with the child, in the horoscope which are experiencing the same situation.

The cardinal signs are usually competing for supremacy in action, decision making, initiative, i.e. for the lead in everything. If the parent and child are dominated by fixed quality between them can be very serious conflict because of the intransigence and stubbornness of both sides.

The man with the cluster of planets in fixed signs hates to lose and always ready for a long confrontation. Two people with a predominance of mutable quality in the horoscope are less prone to conflict, since both are easily changed and give each other space. However, in this situation you may experience problems with discipline because children are quick to find ways to manipulate their parents.

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