Family values of the Imperial Family

Day Saints, Martyrs and new martyrs of Russia – is a holiday that comes every Orthodox family, this is the day the Russian Calvary that you want to remember and honor.

In the fateful days of the revolution was in Russia of the family that rushed blatant evil in the guise of communism. This holiday is full of bitterness revolutionary activity, the consequences of which we see today. However, this day light fills us with hope and love, because now slain by the wicked King with his Holy Family has become closer to us than we think. He, as a loving father, now praying at the throne of God, for all of our beloved Russia, for all of us. After the slaughter of the Royal Family of Russia was orphaned. Russian people became entangled in the intricacies and machinations of the wicked. But should we only refer to the Holy Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich, or Members of His Family, they will hear and help. They are as careful parents, worried about us.

During the reign of Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich, the institution of family in the Russian Empire was the strongest not only in Europe but throughout the world. Tsar Nicholas Alexandrovich, Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna and their children are the benchmark Russian family. Their murder was a warning to the Russian people that the main attack would be by a Russian family, its traditions and values. The family of Nicholas Alexandrovich and Alexandra Feodorovna, was based on tender feelings of love and devotion to each other. Such marriages say they accomplished in heaven. The marriage of the Royal Couple emerged from a close, emotional friendship of two teenagers. Over the years, their love grew stronger and stronger, samootverjennyi. In this amazing family has never been selfish, because selfishness weakens love.

The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna considered marriage as the most valuable and sacred connection to the earth. To her family was the most important. It was prioritized as the ideal of Evangelical wife. The secrets of family happiness are enclosed in patience, attention to each other, the unity of interests, understanding. She did not allow alienation and quarrels in your family, that was the secret to her marital happiness. But to master this secret is only a loving heart. For her: the husband is the head of the family, his house is a haven of rest and relaxation, the wife in her understanding is the sun, warming her husband. Having lost in early childhood, the mother, and at the age of eighteen who lost her father, she became a strict mother not only their children, but throughout Russia. The Empress spent much time with children, because of this evil tongues accuse her that she’s the mother, not the Empress. Their care she showed anywhere it was required. During the First world war, she, as a loving mother, created workshops in the Palace, took on the care of the hospital. With her sister and children, she made the dressing, helping to operate, comforted by the prayers and moral support of the wounded. She own example gave lessons of kindness, love and mercy to others. Alexandra Feodorovna was strict in the first place, and then to all others, children and servants, she kept in obedience. She had a Christian approach to family values, in this family loved luxury and extravagance, the Grand duchesses and the Tsarevich were not wasteful or spoiled. The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the eyes of children was infallible, they are extremely helpful to her. The Empress by his example showed not only the children, but to us that the primary duty of parents is to care about children, about their souls.

Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich was a true Christian and guardian of Russian traditions. He is a shining example of the head of family whose head was the Lord and the Holy Church, and behind him a wife, kids and the entire nation. Russian Orthodox spirit lived in him, Nikolai Alexandrovich was a great family man and a loving ruler. Unfortunately, many perceived the love and kindness of the Emperor for his weakness. He did not allow himself irritable tone, for his wife was a precious vessel that you want to protect, care for, a friend that you want to warm and nourish as their own flesh and blood. The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Tsar Nicholas Alexandrovich life supported the authority of each other. Holy feeling of love and friendship since childhood has absorbed the Royal children, who saw not only the unconditional love of parents to each other, but also Evangelical relationship between husband and wife. In their family the father has always occupied a Central place. The father was a master and a servant, he spread his paternity at all, his wife, children and millions of subjects. The example and the authority of the father became the main factor in the education of children and the development of them as individuals. Father for Great Princesses and Heir was the King, father and friend. The basis for the education of their children the Emperor took from his parents, the Emperor Alexander Alexandrovich and Empress Maria Feodorovna. The education of the future Emperor was based on the Orthodox Faith, Spartan conditions, and excellent education.

The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna gave so much time raising children, despite their serious illness. Greatly undermined her health serious illness of the Heir. Her children saw the patience and humility of his mother and brought up by the same qualities in themselves, it helped them pass the test last year of life. Four Grand duchesses were completely different in nature, but at the same time, they were closely related the devoted friendship. In spite of the jealous temper of Mary and capricious nature of Olga among them Alexandra Feodorovna always found a compromise. The rivalry Olga Tatiana in his youth, grew into a close friendship and mutual affection. The Empress wanted the Grand duchesses were primarily positive example for the Heir. Men either respect or despise women, so a positive image of the sisters would help him in life. In this family between the children was heartfelt friendship and caring about each other.

Between the Royal Couple and their children had full trust and friendship. Parents they evoked a sense of worship, their hearts were opened to parental care. The Emperor was a very strict father and a friend, which could, in the absence of prying eyes, will join in the amusements of their children. The children especially loved the evening reading, where he read dad. Through works of Russian literature, the Emperor showed the children a long history of hard life of the Russian people. In the works of Turgenev, Chekhov, Nekrasov, Gogol disclosed the identity of the Russian Orthodox soul. The Emperor tried to keep his children were as close to his people, to his traditions. A mysterious thread of Russian literature and the Orthodox Faith is the gospel, it is at our language. Thanks to Russian literature of the children of the Sovereign to better understand the mentality, everyday life, the problems of the peoples of the Russian Empire.

During the Soviet period and the period of perestroika, the institution of family in our country destroyed. Individuals are rarely aware of their mutual responsibilities and obligations of marriage. Most modern families to terminate the marriage, not living together and three years. Today’s perverted notions of marriage, family, hearth and home, raising children. Nikolay Alexandrovich and Alexandra Feodorovna are a kind of beacon for all of us in the family, spiritual life and marriage. When planted young trees near them put a solid footing that the wind did not break their spirit, I would like for us to support this were the Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich and Alexandra Feodorovna. The Royal Couple has shown by example that love, dedication and patience are the basis of all relationships. I want to believe that their family will be a good guide for the priceless experience of married life, modern families.

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