Deaf, but not dumb!

Of The Kyrgyz Republic. Remember how in the film “country of the deaf”, the main character, suffering from lack of hearing, all the while repeating: “I’m deaf, but not dumb.” Few people know that in every country the language. And actually, hearing what people know about the life of the deaf? To learn how to live deprived hearing what problems they have, the correspondent of IA “24. kg ” decided at the teacher’s sign language Republican special General education boarding school for deaf children, sign language interpreter Cholpon Seitokai.

– What are you, a hearing person, forced to commit themselves to working with deaf and hard of hearing children?

– I accidentally came into this profession. In 1990-ies in connection with the collapse of the country from boarding school for the deaf began outflow of personnel. I worked there mom, and she asked for help. I agreed to stay for a couple of weeks, while the management will not find a specialist. Eventually left for 20 years. Not knowing the language, he started work as a teacher of Junior classes. And then he learned the language and became a teacher, the last three years as the Deputy Director for educational Affairs.

– What are the specifics of your job?

– Work with deaf children is significantly different from teaching in public schools. Its peculiarity is to teach children to speak, because they’re deaf, but not dumb. That is, the vocal apparatus in their normal, but unlike hearing children must be taught speech. And then they have to learn everything that is taught in regular school.

– Serving the deaf?

– At the Kyrgyz state University named after Arabaev. However, groups are small. Therefore, in a country desperately short of such teachers. Saved by the fact that students-state employees are required to work in the profession. Unfortunately, few remain in it. The teacher generally difficult to work with, and professional.

– And how many specialized educational institutions in the Republic accept children who are deprived of hearing? How many deaf people in our country?

– Before statistics was easier because there was medical-pedagogical Commission, which went through the regions and took these children on the account. Now they are not. The problem can only be judged by those who come into the schools. In the South Kara works-Shuiskaya school for deaf children in the capital, the Republican special boarding school for deaf children and the boarding school No. 21 for late and hard of hearing.

– At the time you were doing sign language on television, today it is not on any channel. In your opinion, the Ticker replaces full sign language?

– Read and understand the news Ticker can people who know the language. And Russian and Kyrgyz, in fact, are foreign languages for deaf people. Agree, if you know a foreign language, you will certainly be difficult at speed to take the news.

– Among your pupils or colleagues, there are people extraordinary?

– Yes, our children are creative. Dance the Republican staff of the boarding school were on a par with hearing children. And, very successfully, even won prizes. With the dance “Thousand hand” in 2008, the boys won the contest “Baracade!” – the Kyrgyz equivalent of “minutes of glory”. At boarding school he teaches physical education classes Aram Hakobyan is our pride, bronze medalist of the Olympic games for deaf people. With him on the game went students. Although they have not brought awards, but was able to participate in the competitions of such high level.

– Is it true that recently passed the country’s first sign language courses where you are taught hearing persons in no way connected with the problem of deafness?

– For me was the discovery that in our country there are people who want to learn sign language. However, they are not associated with the world of the deaf, neither in life, nor professionally. Four months of continued training. Successfully.

– What should parents do if their child was born with an abnormality of the hearing aid.

– First of all you should understand and accept the fact that the child was born special, he has special needs. For example, in communication. I would advise parents to learn sign language to life fully communicate with their child.

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