Child steals money. What to do?

Many parents are faced with a situation where the child takes the thing, he doesn’t belong. And if stolen the money, this news makes loving moms and dads in shock, they can’t understand how this could happen and why this happened to their child? Then they start to think about what you will tell family and friends if they knew about the situation.

Once the panic passes, there is a period of sympathy to himself, remorse and questions: “What did I do wrong?”, “Can’t cope with raising a child!”, “That won’t be done – we must punish him!” and so on. Although absolutely everyone upset when this happened, but you must pull yourself together and have the right attitude, and then to understand the situation.

Children do not understand that stealing — this is bad

To start, this happened for the first time or has this ever happened before, but you just learned just now? Now you need to recognize that the concept of theft do not apply to children in General, because real life and imagination of a child, in his view, are inseparable. He sometimes doesn’t realize that his act is so terrible.

Consider also the age of the baby. If, for example, it is 5 years or less, it just doesn’t capture the difference between the concept of “mine” and “theirs” and his desire to take any thing he will hardly be able to contain. And now being older, children begin to understand the concept of ownership and of belonging to anyone.

Wrong in the behavior of parents is that they scold the child if he will take a valuable thing, but if he takes without asking someone else’s book or trinket, nobody will even pay attention to it. Understand that the child is not interested in the value of the items taken, he just got caught up in the moment to take your favorite thing. No more.

The task of parents is to bring to the consciousness of the child that other people’s things can not be taken without permission. Be sure to ask who this thing belongs to.

But don’t forget that there are different reasons why a child takes some things. For example, he sees someone has a toy that he really likes. He has a desire to possess such a thing. In a time when no one gets near, and the toy is left unattended, the kid just walks up and takes it home.

In this case, parents should explain to your son or daughter that the thing does not belong to him, because of his action the owner of the toys will be very much to worry and suffer. You can even pick up some of his favorite thing, so he figured, what emotions arise in such situations.

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Sometimes children steal money, but don’t realize it’s bad. They can take them to buy a gift for a loved one. Kid think he’s doing a good deed, but does not understand what the price. Some kids say that the money had been found by them. In such cases, you should explain what was found still not yours. But note that if you choose the sight on the street unnecessary things, rush them to quickly stash in your bag, the child will follow your example and do the same.

But there are cases that the kids steal the thing to rise in the eyes of peers for the possession of this thing, or get the location of the senior guys. Explain to your child that, first, the authority cannot be obtained by holding some kind of toy, and secondly, by theft can destroy your future and Vice versa, to become, is not highly respected man!

If the family is not enough material provided, children begin to meet their needs. Because you want the handle, as Katya and the ball, as Misha. In this case, the children take the money so as not to differ from peers and always have a certain amount of pocket money.

I’ll just take one. Shhh

Quite often happens when children steal out of revenge. For example, my neighbor’s kid brought expensive pocket robot, everyone else crowded around him, fascinated looking at a new toy, and your son is holding an old “spider-man”. And at this point the owner of the robot begins to taunt him and say that nothing but this toy your child will never be, and what about this robot, how is he your son can only dream of. After some time the robot from a neighbor disappears… what do you think, where could he be? Try to explain to my son that it is impossible to respond to the grievance in this way. Teach him to resolve conflicts and not to steal their “cause”.

Please note, does the child have a sense of guilt for his acts. You don’t have to scream and beat the baby. Give him a chance to redeem himself! Send him to give the thing to the owner. May it soon become and by the atonement and punishment for him.

Talk with your child!

You need to be strict, but without fanaticism. Evoking feelings of guilt and shame for committing, make sure that your child understands the emotions and feelings of those people from whom he stole something. Arrange the situation so that he came out of it without humiliation, but with a clear understanding of the wrongness of the act committed. Remember that threats will put him in a deadlock.

Do not need to immediately call him a thief, otherwise in his mind can be strengthened this idea. You’re not a Prosecutor, no need to arrange trials, do a little confidential conversation. Not involve outsiders, otherwise you risk not only to force their child to suffer, but can actually “lose” it.

Understand that your reaction to what is happening and your future behavior depends what the outcome of this situation. Be sure to try to understand what prompted the child to commit theft. Check, had told him someone like the idea. If Yes, then definitely talk to your parents “instigator”.

Sometimes children in this way are trying to draw the attention of parents. Let your child know that glued them applique can give a lot more emotion than the theft of money and things. The emotions from the application will be positive, but in the other case not. Explain that you love him and you notice, and if he thinks it isn’t, is wrong. Try to lead the child more time.

Most importantly, do not panic and do not rush immediately behind the belt. Only peaceful tactics and deliberate steps will ensure you and your children a favorable outcome of the situation!


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