Bad cartoons

To upity or not the baby disk with cartoons, freeing himself for an hour to rest? Each of us decides for itself. However, child psychologists sounding the alarm and say: fun and funny American cartoons are a serious threat to a child’s psyche. Is there any reason to restrict the viewing of cartoons?

Caution: cartoons!

About the dangers of some cartoons sentenced more than once. However, still the question is as follows. Let’s look at some aspects of the problem:

what cartoons are a threat to the smaller members of society and why,

how to deal with the problem?

“Bad cartoons” and hidden within them the threat

Why many of the works of today’s cartoons are simply bad? Consider a few of the indisputable facts that seemingly harmless cartoon can cause unique harm to the psyche of the child.

• Substitution of concepts.

In Soviet times it was just. Good-evil, positive-negative. The child absorbed the positive traits of the hero, wanted to be like him. Today, however, the line between good and evil blurred. Recall, for everyone’s favorite cartoon about Shrek. His what is morality? Hero Shrek makes burps smell, lives in the dirt… And the Princess feona, instead of pity on the bird, killing it and fry eggs.

The child does not distinguish truth from fiction. So this behavior goodie it takes literally. And so – do not be surprised if in the child’s behavior changes occur, it is not clear to you and pleasant. he only broadcasts in the lives of those who have received from your favorite cartoons!

• Formation of distorted ideals of beauty.

A huge “cartoon” eyes, the figure of the heroines beauties that far from reality since childhood in boys invests ideal, which it is impossible to find in a real woman. This could have serious and irreversible consequences. And the girls? They get an inferiority complex, more impressionable then you will starve yourself and to do plastic surgery…

• The feminization of men and masculinize women.

“Advanced” heroine of Disney does not like Alenushka hard-working. They are wayward, along with guys fight, and often get into arguments with their parents. At the same time, men often quiet, docile and cute. Funny? For us. And for the emerging child’s mind is pernicious, because it leads to irreversible changes in the psyche. And what affect will it in the future, hard to say. Possible “light” options in the form of excessive independence, disdain for the opposite sex, and “extreme”, to talk about which simply don’t want (psychologists say that the consequence can be also sexual dysfunction).

• Low quality of most cartoons.

Purchased cartoons often have low quality, so they are not as deep meaning, and educational lessons. Often it’s just meaningless space war, where children learn only one thing – violence.

• Just scary!

Fighting for box office, Disney makes cartoons spectacular… and scary! Many mothers complain that after watching the cartoons of particular content (e.g., “spider-Man”), the children Wake up screaming and crying. Unfortunately, the “action” genre is more popular than ever. In the pursuit including for adult audiences and the cartoons removed dynamic and brutal, without considering the impact on the fragile child’s psyche.

How to protect your child from negative effects?

In order to raise a healthy child, it is necessary to strengthen his immune system. Including in terms of resistance to low morals. Giving the child time and teaching him how to distinguish good from evil, you will be able to minimize the harm. In addition, use the simple advice of psychologists:

to watch with the kids and explain behavior;

compare and discuss the characters;

to tell that there is a script and all that – not really;

try to explain to the child that TV is an entertainment box, not the source of knowledge;

pick the cartoons on situations and interests of the child at every stage of life;

increasingly interested in the views of the child in situations viewed in the cartoon;

spend analogies actual event that it is clear that real and what is fiction;

do not let the baby linger on for days about the TV. Because there are many different ways to spend time together.

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