Accounting foster family

The child must live in the family. If not, you’ll need to find a new one. With this setting today employs experts of bodies of guardianship and guardianship of the Republic. Residents of Chuvashia only “for”. Many, especially in rural areas, are willing to take an orphan into their home. But how to do it? And than, for example, custody is different from foster care? The “hotline”, held on February 9, the Ministry of education and youth policy of the Republic, called about fifty people. Here are the answers to some of them.

– Going with my wife to go to the orphanage to choose a child. What the orphanage advise? (Vasily Nikiforov, Mariinsky Posad district).

– Once in the orphanage go no sense, because first of all you should collect a package of documents to qualify as a candidate for guardianship or foster family in the regional bodies of guardianship and guardianship. If an expert opinion is positive, you will pick up the children according to your wishes. Then get on the road at proposed locations.

– What is the difference between guardians from the foster family? (Elena, Novocheboksarsk).

– The difference is small. And guardians, and adoptive parents are the legal representatives of the child. But the guardian is engaged in education for free. Generally, guardianship draws some of the relatives of the children that have been orphaned: aunts, uncles, grandparents. And adoptive parent pay the salary of an educator. For raising one or two children is charged 2500 rubles a month, three and more – 3600. Funds for the maintenance of children in families and guardians, and foster parents are paid the same.

– Sister died in a car accident. She left a daughter. What documents do I need to collect for adoption niece? And anyway, where to start? (Vera, Cheboksary).

– To begin, write your CV, take a certificate from the income received over the past year, a certificate from the place of residence of family members, criminal record (it will give you to the police Department). You will also need a document on your health status and an application to the local authority of guardianship. If your niece has already turned ten years old, you will also need to consent to the adoption. When all the documents are ready, you will come to the specialists of the Department of custody and guardianship to examine the living conditions. More information about the procedure you are given into the custody of authorities.

– I married a second time. Has a young son from his first marriage. Second husband is going to adopt my baby, but defers supposedly a lot of paperwork. How can I be? (Svetlana, Adrin).

– The stepfather (stepmother) provides for a simplified form of adoption. As the spouse lives with you and the child in the same family, the requirements of the guardianship to his income or, say, housing, generally less stringent.

– I am a teacher of a rural school. My husband and I want to take two children in foster care, but I’m afraid not financially afford. If we rely any additional benefits as foster parents-teachers living in rural areas? (Natalia Egorova, Krasnochetaisky district).

– No, separate exemptions for rural or urban adoptive families, teachers or businessmen not provided by law. All foster parents are equal, and monetized benefits. But you are entitled to a monthly salary of foster parent. And as lifting – a lump sum in the amount of 8 thousand rubles to each take a child. Note, it stands out all: and adoptive parents, and guardians, and foster parents. Plus payments for foster children – from 4000 to 4570 rubles a month (depending on the age of the child).

– My dream is to take care of a baby, but prevents the fear: what if I fail. Heard some take the orphans on holidays or weekends, so to speak, to exercise parental qualities. In Chuvashia is practiced? (Olga Semenova, Cheboksary).

– Yes, such a family, we called guest. Their advantage is that the spouses have the time to look at the child and assess their capabilities without taking drastic decisions. However, no monetary benefits they are not entitled. The child continues to be enrolled inmate of the orphanage or boarding school.

– I foster mom. Why the care required with my financial report, on what and how I spend “kids” money? This accounting takes a lot of time and nerves. (Maria, Urmarsky region).

– By law, foster parents are required to submit quarterly to the guardianship reports on the expenditure of funds allocated by the state for the care of children. Therefore, these families have a special notebook where I write down the purchase, glued receipts. It is noteworthy that the unspent balance from the budget of the family is not withdrawn. Money they can use at their own discretion: to put on a summer holiday, buy the TV or to eat ice cream parlour.

– I wonder whether in the Republic single adoptive dad? (Dmitry, Kanash).

– Lonely no. But there are adoptive fathers with spouses. One such dad lives in Cheboksary. Second in Civilisa area. Moreover, the wife works as a second getoperation, and he has been raising seven children, two of them adopted.

– Can is under the care of the child, when grown up, to obtain housing? Where to apply for it? (Gennady Petrovich, Cheboksary).

– Maybe if no fixed housing. For example, an apartment of native parents, grandma’s house or other dwelling. To get your square footage, the young man after reaching the age of majority should contact the Department of accounting and distribution of housing the administration of the city or village in the territory of which he has official registration.

It should also be noted that the adopted child according to the Russian Housing code shall not be eligible for housing foster parents. Only adopted. But if the family voluntarily wish to leave the apartment (part thereof) adopted son or daughter, they may indicate this preference in the will or to write a deed of gift.

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